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The history of the containers from Radgona

How did a small manufacturing company in a village with 3,000 residents become the largest European manufacturer of containers?

The history of the modular units began in 1975. A group of engineers from the Avtoradgona company came back from a construction fair in Paris with an idea: the company should manufacture "containers".

Although the management at that time mocked this idea, because they saw the future in the development of transportation vehicles, the idea developed into an independent business unit - with a healthy measure of enthusiasm, hard work, bold ideas and brave steps, as well as a bit of positive stubbornness. This was the only idea that survived the turbulent times after Slovenia's independence and the collapse of the parent company.

Production plant

The first mobile units were manufactured for the construction of the nuclear power plant in Kr┼íko. In the beginning, the containers were used to store equipment.

After four decades of constant development, and with intensive work, we have assumed the leading role in the European production of mobile space solutions.

The containers offer first-class living spaces, which can be combined with a classic building and meets all standards. We have optimised production time and continue to develop the containers according to sustainability guidelines.

Constant development is the key to success!