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Company philosophy

Company philosophy


ARCONT has over 700 employees that comprise the foundation of our success. Our most important values include ambition, hard work and innovation. Thanks to the required dedication to the product and a working team that is completely in synch, ARCONT has a working advantage in many areas of the industry.

ARCONT sets itself apart as a very important local employer. First and foremost, technically qualified employees are engaged on all levels. The areas include mechanical engineering, construction, wood and electronics. Ideally, applicants should have adequate knowledge of the German language.

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Students and graduates can do a compulsory internship or register to work on-call.

Our employees are our most valuable resource. A good and valuable interpersonal relationship and the permanent development of every individual is very important to us.

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Your advantages
  • A production facility of CONTAINEX
  • Production in accordance with strict environmental and quality standards of the CONTAINEX Green Technology
  • Highest standards for quality, security, health and environment
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