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Social responsibility

Social responsibility

Since the founding of the company, a sense of corporate and social responsibility has played an important role at ARCONT. The company is aware that its economic activities have an influence on the environment. By selecting materials and responsible partners that are beneficial to the environment and the health of individuals, as well as working with local communities and populations, an effort is made to engage both the environment and the people in a respectful way.
At ARCONT, Corporate Social Responsibility extends from product development to a healthy working environment for employees. The most important areas of responsibility are briefly presented below.

Sustainable development

Energy-efficient and environmentally friendly products with a long service life are the result of many years of development work by our own engineers. In the process, the use of materials that are beneficial to environment and health and are recyclable is at the forefront of our approach. Our product bears the seal "Green Technology", which stands for the maintenance of ecological standards and sustainable development.


The underlying company goals with respect to the environment can be viewed in the rationalisation of raw materials, resources, energy and the reduction of produced wastes. Furthermore, the continual sorting and preparation of waste is constantly being improved. An important part of this is the eco-friendly painting line in which environmentally-friendly colours and devices are used. In so doing, enormous importance is placed in the permanent cleaning of air in the technological working environment and the treatment of wastewater. ARCONT is taking a further important step in the direction of environmental protection with its own mechanical-biological treatment plant.


Thanks to permanent investments in modern technological equipment, production planning and computer-based processes, a comfortable and healthy working environment is being created for employees. The internal company-created healthy-living programme, "Osveščamo", is intended to help employees improve their mental and physical well-being and quality of life.

People with disabilities

An important part of ARCONT's CSR approach is the implementation of professional rehabilitation, training and employing individuals with disabilities. In addition to the provision of preventative and curative healthcare, ARCONT also takes steps to ensure that individuals with disabilities can work in professional roles that match their abilities. For those employees that are no longer able to do their work as before, the company offers appropriate retraining.


For a comfortable working environment, an appropriate system of internal communicaton and the diversified remuneration system represent the basic values of the organisational culture. ARCONT strives for a working environment in which all employees can achieve their highest potential. This is encouraged through a wide range of educational, additional training and development opportunities.

Supporting youth

ARCONT supports countless associations and organisations in the area of social care, education, sport and healthcare as well as in art and culture. ARCONT supports countless associations and organisations in the area of social care, education, sport and healthcare as well as in art and culture. The goal is supporting healthy and responsible individuals who have especially difficult challenges to overcome in life. Additionally, the company annually offers severa internships for pupils and students and summer jobs. Investing in human capital development outside the company contributes to increased employment, education and sustainable development in the region.

Humanitarian support

Humanitarian support
Humanitarian support
As part of a larger community, ARCONT supports diverse humanitarian, non-governmental and non-profit organisations in order to combat homelessness or to help older people or disadvantaged groups. This includes humanitarian help for victims of flooding in the Balkans, or the construction of homes for socially disadvantaged single-parent families.
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